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2012 Toyota Camry teaser image

Toyota has released a new teaser image of their next 2012 Toyota Camry model through their Twitter account. Although there are no clues about the exact date of its unveiling time, but we expect that the 2012 Toyota Camry model will be unveiled this month. We still remember about what Akio Toyoda (Toyota’s CEO) said about the 2012 Toyota Camry. The car will be the best car they ever built in terms of safety, handling, and fuel economy. Let’s hope that will become reality.... Read More

Toyota FT-86 II Concept at 2011 Geneva Motor Show

Toyota FT-86 II concept has been premiered by Toyota at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The company also said that the Toyota FT-86 II concept is the closest one yet to the production version of the vehicle as it will take over the streets from 2012. Toyota FT-86 II concept has the same developed boxer engine in collaboration with Subaru under its hood coupled with a six-speed manual transmission, emphasizing the sporty character of the ve... Read More

Toyota Prius C and V concept cars

Toyota Prius C concept and Toyota Prius V concept has been unveiled by Toyota at Detroit Auto Show this year. Toyota Prius C concept continues the hybrid vehicle tradition of the model, and aims the active families, compact shoppers segments of the market. Toyota Prius C concept is dedicated for young singles and couples who are in the market for an eco-sensitive, high-mileage, fun-to-drive car. While for its meaning, C coming from City on the Toyota Prius C concept name. The production version of the Toyota Prius C concept will hit the showroom floor in the first half of 2012 as the most value-oriented hybrid in the USA as have been announced by Toyot... Read More

Toyota Crown Majesta Facelift

Toyota Crown Majesta facelift has been launched by Toyota for Japanese market. With a longer wheelbase, Toyota Crown Majesta facelift also comes with a re-styled exterior. Toyota Crown Majesta facelift premieres the Front-side Pre-crash Safety System, the Pre-crash Seatbacks, and the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) rear-seat center airbag. Toyota Crown Majesta facelift is powered with a 4.6-liter V8 gasoline engine coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission. With the price starting at just over 1 million yen, Toyota expects the Toyota Crown Majesta facelift will be sold 1,0... Read More

Toyota Wish 2010

Toyota has launched the re-designed 2010 Toyota Wish for Japanese market. Comes with a 7-speed Sports Sequential Shiftmatic transmission as standard, 2010 Toyota Wish offers two operating modes CVT Sport Mode and Dynamic Sport Mode. Toyota Wish 2010 is a front-wheel-drive and it comes with a 1.8-liter and 2.0-liter engine, both with Valvematic (a continuously variable valve-lift mechanism). Toyota Wish 2010 comes with an Eco Drive Mode that optimizes the alignment of the driving force with the accelerator operation to offer better fuel economy. Toyota Wish 2010 price for Japanese m... Read More

Toyota TF109 Race Car

Toyota TF109 race car which will compete in the 2009 Formula 1 World Championship has been unveiled by Toyota. This racing car has been designed to get the first grand prix victory for the Japanese carmaker. Powered by a 2.4 liter V8 engine coupled with a 7-speed gearbox, Toyota TF109 may develops around 740 hp and reach a maximum speed of 18,000 rpm (limited by FIA regulations). Toyota TF109 weighs is 605 kg and has a monocoque body made from molded carbon fiber and sits on a carbon fiber suspension with double wishbones w... Read More

Banzai Toyota Aygo

Banzai Toyota Aygo project started when Toyota GB supplied an Aygo the Japanese Banzai magazine in March. Banzai tuned this car and offered as a prize for Chris Gentles from Glasgow as the winner. Banzai Toyota Aygo features interior and chassis modifications and comes with a Toyota Motorsport body kit. Powered by the 1.0 liter engine which went through a number of modifications and a supercharger that makes this car may develops the power up to 138bhp. Banzai Toyota Aygo was transformed into a road-legal track car with the weight reduced as much as possible.... Read More

2008 Toyota Avensis Prices for UK Market

Toyota has announced the prices of the 2008 Toyota Avensis for British market. Available in Both Saloon and tourer body styles, 2008 Toyota Avensis will offer a higher power output with lower CO2 emissions levels with the new Toyota Optimal Drive powertrains. Toyota Avensis (2008) comes with the new petrol engine includes a new advanced continuously variable transmission and the diesel ones that have been revised. 2008 Toyota Avensis UK version will go on sale on January 1st, 2009 with four trim levels: T2, TR, T4 and T Spirit. For 2008 Toyota... Read More

2009 Toyota Tundra Prices for US Market

Toyota Tundra (2009) price for the United States market has been announced by Toyota. 2009 Toyota Tundra offers a choice between 45 model variations, three wheelbases, cab styles, bed lengths, engines and trim levels. The 2009 Toyota Tundra comes either a 4×2 drivetrain or a 4×4. For the 2009 Toyota Tundra Regular Cab 4×2 (powered by the V6 engine), the price will starts at 22,490 USD. While for the 2009 Toyota Tundra Limited Grade 4×4 CrewMax (powered by 5.7-liter V8 engine under the bonnet), the price will goes up to 41,605 USD. When you’re gonna choose the TRD Sport Pac... Read More

Toyota RAV4 Performance Sport Concept

Toyota RAV4 Performance Sport concept has been presented at SEMA Show. Toyota RAV4 Performance Sport concept comes without any performance upgrades, but featuring a number of visual modifications. Toyota RAV4 Performance Sport concept is equipped with a wide body kit, a panoramic glass roof, a new front and rear fascia, a custom hood, and LED headlights. Toyota RAV4 Performance Sport concept’s interior features a new upholstered by Reyes Upholstery. Toyota RAV4 Performance Sport concept features a custom exhaust system, billet door handles, Nitto Invo tires, and USW Forged Satin Silver & Gunmetal wheels. Press Release After creating a new definition... Read More

Toyota Yaris Five-Door Tailback Concept

Toyota Yaris Five-Door Tailback Concept has been displayed at SEMA Show and features the automated rear suicide doors and rear split tailgate. Based on the 2009 Toyota Yaris Five-Door Liftback, the Toyota Yaris Five-Door Tailback Concept also features a custom wide body kit, a center exit exhaust, grille, and widened front and rear fender flares. Toyota Yaris Five-Door Tailback Concept comes with a newly designed rear spoiler, custom hood, and new full length side rocker panels. Toyota Yaris Five-Door Tailback Concept ’s interior features leathe&... Read More

Toyota Tundra TR Concept

Toyota Tundra TR concept comes with black painted 18-inch standard steel wheels, grille surround, bucket seats, and a matte black front and rear bumpers. Powered by a 5.7 liter iForce V8 engine that has been tested on the dyno, Toyota Tundra TR concept may outputs 625 hp. Toyota Tundra TR concept is equipped with a supercharger that takes the power up to 500 hp and 550 Nm of torque and a Nitrous Oxide Systems dual tank nitrous oxide system that takes it further to 625 hp. Based on the Tundra Grade Regular Cab, Toyota Tundra TR concept... Read More

Toyota Tacoma Truck Concept

Toyota Tacoma Truck Concept has been displayed at the SEMA show this year. Its themed after the Toyota Trucks from the 80???s, Toyota Tacoma Truck concept is focused on capability and efficiency rather than power. Toyota Tacoma Truck Concept is powered by a 4 cylinder engine coupled with a 4-speed automatic transmission and a 4WD system. Toyota Tacoma Truck Concept comes with American Racing AR23 wheels, KC Daylighter lights, Buchwacker flares, BF Goodrich tires, and also a Gra... Read More

Toyota Tundra Dually

Toyota Tundra Dually project car is back again for SEMA 2008 in Toyota Vehicle Coral, after its first debut at the 2007 SEMA Show. Toyota Tundra Dually project car is the result of the cooperation between Motorsports Technical Group and various other companies. Toyota Tundra Dually’s interior comes with ginger leather seats, suede pillars and headliner. Comes with an Alcoa forged aluminum alloy 22.5-inch wheels, Toyota Tundra Dually is powered by an 8.0-liter inline six-cylinder high-torque engine developed by Hino that’s coupled with an Eaton five-speed manual transmission. Toyota Tundra Dually project car also equipped with diamond plate-lined bed and a charcoal gray metallic flat paint finish. Press Release Making a bold and adventurous statement about the contrasts between rugged ???Road Warr&#... Read More

Toyota Tacoma V8 Incross Concept

Toyota Tacoma V8 Incross concept has been premiered at the SEMA show this year. Powered by a 4.7 liter i-Force V8 engine that has been tuned, Toyota Tacoma V8 Incross concept may develop 271 hp and 313 lb/ft of torque. Toyota Tacoma V8 Incross concept is equipped with TRD headers, custom Bilstein shocks, and also a custom dual exhaust by Tube Solutions. Toyota Tacoma V8 Incross concept’s exterior featuring 17″ American Racing wheels, a genuine Toyota Accessory skid plate, a green matte paint job, and BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires. Toyot&#... Read More

Toyota Tundra Ducati Transporter

Toyota Tundra Ducati Transporter has been unveiled at the SEMA show. Based on the Tundra CrewMax, Toyota Tundra Ducati Transporter has received a 6.5-inch bed in order to transport the Ducati Desmosedici RR. The Ducati Desmosedici RR is the only street legal MotoGP bike ever produced. Toyota Tundra Ducati Transporter’s performance has been increased by Toyota Racing Development with the addition of sway bar, big brake kit, 5.7L supercharger (500HP/550TQ), lo ... Read More

Toyota Matrix 6-String Concept Car

Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. and Fender Musical Instruments Corporation has develops the custom built Toyota Matrix 6-String concept car. Toyota Matrix 6-String concept was designed by Street Image & Austin Speed Shop, and will be included with the audio systems such as Panasonic audio/visual system with a 42″ wide plasma screen HDTV, 4 amplifiers with an output of 875 watts, and also a Fender G-DEC guitar amplifier. Toyota Matrix 6-String’s interior features a pearlessence Silver and Chatham Black leather with red stitching, mimicking the 19... Read More

Toyota NASCAR Sienna

Toyota NASCAR Sienna has been presented by BraunAbility at SEMA Show this year, and developed to offer outstanding wheelchair access. Toyota NASCAR Sienna features 30″ wide power ramp with 3 control switches, an emergency door-ramp release and anti-skid ramp coating. Toyota NASCAR Sienna also features removable passenger seats with wheelchair tie-down points for up to three wheelchairs, a foldout ramp, a lowered floor, and a “kneeling” rear suspension. Toyota NASCAR Sienna is offering more interior headroom as the floor has been lowered by 11-inches, which decreases the ramp angle making the entrance and exit easier. Toyota NASCAR Sienna sits on 19″ wheels, and equipped with TR... Read More

Toyota TRD Tundra Street Concept

Toyota TRD Tundra Street concept comes with revised front grille and lower fascia and a restyled rear valance and bumper. Toyota TRD Tundra Street concept is powered by a stock 5.7-liter DOHC VVTi V8 engine that has received a Eaton roots-type supercharger with cold air intake, an integrated air-to-liquid intercooler, and also a stainless dual rear exhaust. Toyota TRD Tundra Street concept features 16-inch drilled rotors, and also upgraded brakes with larger calipers. Press Release The TRD Tundra Street Concept is based on the 2007 Toyota Tundra and incorporates a host of features specially developed for this model by TRD (Toyota Racing Devel... Read More

Toyota TRD Tacoma X-Runner

Toyota TRD Tacoma X-Runner has been premiered at SEMA Show. Powered by a 4.0-liter DOHC VVT-i V6 engine, Toyota TRD Tacoma X-Runner may develops 400 hp and 350 lb.-ft. of torque. Toyota TRD Tacoma X-Runner’s engine is coupled with a six-speed manual transmission with a Kaiten billet steel flywheel. With the help of a new Eaton Roots-type supercharger with an integrated air-to-liquid intercooler, the power of Toyota TRD Tacoma X-Runner has been increased. Toyota TRD Tacoma X-Runner’s transmission has been upgraded with a Kaiten billet ste ... Read More



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