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B7 Electric Super Race Car Concept

B7 electric super race car is a new concept car that was designed by Filip Tejszerski. This drive-by-wire concept car was inspired by aero planes and may reach 500km/h for its top speed. B7 electric super race car is powered by V8 internal combustion engine as its generator and will be connected with a LPG for charging the super capacitors which is located in the underbody. B7 electric super race car provides two seats for the driver and its co-driver on a central tandem position.... Read More

Wiesmann Spyder concept in Geneva

Wiesmann Spyder concept is a car concept from small size car manufacturer Wiesmann. Although it’s just a concept design study from Wiesmann this time, but we’re thinking that the concept will enter the production line and become a reality someday. Have you ever think of investing and developing a new concept just for fun? We don’t think so… Powered by a 4.0-liter V8 engine, Wiesmann Spyder concept may develops 420 hp and is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in under 4 seconds. With a weight less than 1000 kg, Wiesmann Spyder concept may reach its top speed at around 29... Read More

Juliani Veela supercar

Juliani Veela is a new Italian supercar with 4550 mm in length, 1920 mm in width, 1240 mm in height, and has a 2620 mm wheelbase. Developed by Juliani Automobili from Milan, this new supercar has a power to weight ratio of 448 hp / ton and its weighs on 1160 kg. With a 6.2 liter hides under its hood, direct injection, and V8 engine, Juliani Veela supercar may outputs 520 hp at 6300 rpm. Juliani Veela supercar may reach its top speed at 310 km/h, acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 3.4 seconds, and to 160 km/h in 7.6 seconds. Juliani Veela supercar also comes with a 6-s... Read More

Avions Voisin A-JT Concept Car

Avions Voisin A-JT concept study has been presented by Avions Voisin from Amsterdam which aims to bring back the historic brand. Although the concept was designed from an original perspective, but Avions Voisin A-JT concept also displaying various adaptations to the modern era. The manufacturer plans to sell in the limited numbers, if the concept will be a reality at some point. The company also plans to offer each customer the possibility of building his Avions Voisin A-JT concept exactly. While it won’t be a supercar, Avions Voisin A-JT concept wants to &... Read More

Visteon C-Beyond Concept Car

Visteon C-Beyond concept car will be premiered at this year Paris Auto Show by Visteon Corporation. As have been said by the manufacturer that the Visteon C-Beyond concept car Featuring more than 40 innovative technologies on the car. The new technologies of Visteon C-Beyond concept car will be included with climate and interior systems, infotainment and connectivity, and also exterior lighting systems. Visteon C-Beyond concept car will comes with new personal comfort features such as ambient lighting, a new type of climate control, and other systems. Visteon C-Beyond con... Read More

Arash AF10 Specs

Arash AF10 full specs has been released by Arash Cars together with a new set of the car images. Arash AF10 has 2.05 m in width, 1.145 m in height, and 4.663 m in length. Powered by a 7.0 liter V8 engine, Arash AF10 may outputs 550 hp at 6200 rpm and 475 lb-ft of torque at 4800 rpm. While for its top speed, Arash AF10 may reach top speed at 204 mph and needs 3.4 seconds to reach 60 mph. Arash AF10’s engine from General motors is coupled with a 6-speed Graziano transmission and can rev up to 7000 rpm. Arash AF10 also comes with a nomex-cored carbon fiber body while it sits on a carbon fiber chassis with an a... Read More

Izaro GTE Supercar

Izaro GTE is an electric and hybrid supercar manufactured by Izaro Motors. This new supercar comes with electric model and hybrid version. Izaro GTE supercar has amazing performance figures as it made from high strength steel, aluminum, and also magnesium that resulting the supercar has weight only at 1000 kg. Izaro GTE hybrid model may outputs 416 hp, while for the all-electric version, the Izaro GTE may develops 495 hp. Izaro GTE may reach its top speed at 280 km/h while its acceleration time is at 0 to 100 km/h under 4 seconds. The electric model &... Read More

Bertone Mantide

Bertone Mantide which is based on the 2009 Corvette ZR1 has been revealed by STILE BERTONE. Bertone Mantide which previously teased under the Project M name, will be unveiled at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. Bertone Mantide may reach its top speed up to 351 km/h (217mph) and 62 mph in 3.2 seconds acceleration time. Bertone Mantide features light-weight carbon fibber racing seats, FIA regulation triangulated roll cage, and also 4pt racing harness. Bertone Mantide is around 100 kg lighter and has 25% (Cd 0.298) less drag. While for its design, it has been influenced by Formula One and aerospace technology. Press Release Few, if any, automobiles have been as awe-inspir... Read More

Melkus RS2000

Melkus RS2000 final design has been released by the company. As have been announced by the company that the Melkus RS2000 will be handmade 25 units each year and it will become available in November. With weighs less than 1,000 pounds, Melkus RS2000 features an aluminum chassis with a carbon fiber and fiber-glass body. To improve its safety system, Melkus RS2000’s chassis has a monocoque architecture and the car benefits from a carbon Crashbox and roll bars. Melkus RS2000 features roof mounted doors which swing only a few centimeters outside the car. While the design of the Mel... Read More

GUMPERT Apollo Speed

GUMPERT apollo speed has been unveiled in Geneva along with the full specifications of the new model. Powered by a 4,163 cm3 V8 engine coupled with a sequential six-speed gear box with synchronization and oil cooling that send the power to the rear wheels, GUMPERT apollo speed may outputs 700 HP/ 515 kW at 6,500 rpm and 875 Nm / 645,3 lb ft of torque at 4,000 rpm. The top speed of GUMPERT apollo speed will more than 360 km/h / 224 mph, and it is able to get from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.0 seconds and from 0 to 200 km/h in 8.9 seconds. GUMPERT apollo speed also comes with 5 valves per cylinder, four overhead ca&... Read More

GUMPERT Apollo Speed Teaser

GUMPERT apollo speed teaser image has been released by GUMPERT Sportwagenmanufaktur. is Powered by an 8 cylinder Biturbo engine that will be available in three power levels: 650 / 700 / 800 HP and 850 / 875 / 900 Nm of torque, GUMPERT apollo speed is aimed at reaching the maximum speed possible, which is over 360 km/h. GUMPERT apollo speed is expected to be able to reach 100 km/h in 3 seconds and 200 km/h in 8.9 seconds. This supercar is the fastest model made by company that will be premiered at the G... Read More

Maxximus G-Force Supercar

Maxximus G-Force is a supercar that has been developed by David McMahan and Marlon Kirby. With the acceleration time 0 to 100 km/h in 2.1 seconds, we think that Maxximus G-Force is probably the fastest accelerating car in the world. Maxximus G-Force acceleration time is even faster than the Bugatti Veyron. Maxximus G-Force use a central mounted Chevrolet 7.1 liter V8 engine as its power and is coupled with two Turbonetics turbochargers. With the engine, Maxximus G-Force can outputs an incredibly 1,600 hp whi... Read More

Wiesmann GT MF4-S

Wiesmann GT MF4-S which based on GT MF4, has been announced as a new model from Wiesmann. Powered by a 4.0 liter V8 engine, Wiesmann GT MF4-S may outputs 420 horsepower (309 kW) and 400 Nm of torque. With the new engine has been developed by BMW, Wiesmann GT MF4-S engine can be coupled with either a manual or an automatic dual-clutch gearbox. Wiesmann GT MF4-S has a lightweight body work and the tow-seater is built on a aluminum monocoque chassis. The airbags also included on the new model which available for both the driver and passenger. Unfortunately we don’t have any de... Read More

EMM Marussia Sports Car

EMM Marussia is the first Russian sports car which developed by Nikolai Fomenko and Yefim Ostrovsky. Powered by a 3.5 liter V6 engine, EMM Marussia may develops 298 hp and 363 Nm of torque. EMM Marussia can reach 100 km/h in around 5.0 seconds and expected reach the top speed more than 250 km/h. EMM Marussia’s engine is coupled with a rear-wheel-drive system via a 5-speed automatic transmission. EMM Marussia has an independent front and rear suspension and its chassis is an aluminum space frame. This car also equipped with ventilated brake discs and ABS.... Read More

GUMPERT Apollo #40 Leaves Factory

GUMPERT Apollo #40 has leaves the factory as GUMPERT announced the production milestone of this car. The factory of GUMPERT Apollo is located at Altenburg, Thuringia. GUMPERT Apollo was entered production three years ago and being built by a team of only 45 employees, as GUMPERT is not a huge corporation. The standard version of GUMPERT Apollo is powered by the 4.2l V8 twin-turbo engine that outputs 650 bhp and 850 Nm of torque. This car will reach top speed at 360 km/h, and has the acceleration time 62 mph in just 3.0 seconds. According to the news that we’ve got, GUMPERT plans to sell another 25 units of the Apollo ... Read More

Covini C6W Enter Production?

Covini C6W - the two seats supercar that equipped with 6-wheels will enter production by 2009, according to various source that we have got. Powered by a 4.2 liter V8 engine, Covini C6W may develops 440 PS (325KW) at 6400 rpm and around 470 Nm of torque at 2700 rpm. Covini C6W features a 6-speed manual gearbox and expected to reach its top speed at 300 km/h (185mph) with its rear-wheel-drive and weighs at 1150Kg. Covini C6W is shortened from 6 Wheels that was designed by Ferruccio Covini. This unique supercar was premiered at the previous 2004 Geneva Motor Show and has been under development for the last 30 years, according to what the designer said... Read More

Bolwell Nagari Price

Bolwell Nagari price has been announced by Bolwell Car Company alongside with the fact on its first deliveries in 2009. Powered by a 3.5 liter, all-alloy V6, quad cams, and 24 valves engine, Bolwell Nagari may outputs 220 kW at 6200 rpm and 345 Nm of torque 4700 rpm while the engine is coupled with a 6 speed electronic gearbox with sequential paddle shift. Bolwell Nagari price will starts at 198,000 AUD or estimated around 130,000 USD or 102,000 EUR. With that price, you secure your chassis number with a 1,000 AUD deposit. When your deposit have been done, the company will give you an invitat&#... Read More

Arash AF10 Supercar

A British car manufacturer (Arash) has released the photos and detailed specs of Arash AF10 - their latest supercar. Arash AF10 may develops 550bhp at 6000rpm as it’s powered by a V8 7.0 liter GM engine that comes with titanium conrods and dry sump with cooling. This supercar also comes with a 6 speed manual Grazianno transmission, and makes this supercar reach its top speed at 204 mph, and acceleration from 0 to 60 mph - 3.4 seconds. Arash AF10 sits on 19″ wheels, and equipped with a full carbon body and a carbon and steel chassis. Arash AF10 price will be at 172,000. With that price, the supercar will be included with a full leather interior, lift up dihedral doors, and ... Read More

DuraCar QUICC! DiVa

The DuraCar QUICC! DiVa will have its world premiere at Paris Auto Show this year. The DuraCar QUICC! DiVa is a 100% electric and plastic vehicle and was designed by the Dutch manufacturer DuraCar for urban use. The DuraCar QUICC! DiVa is powered by an electric motor and a Lithium ion Iron Phosphate battery pack or a special bipolar lightweight lead battery pack. The DuraCar QUICC! DiVa will reach its top speed at 120 km/h and range of 150 km. The DuraCar QUICC! DiVa will be launched on the market in 2009.... Read More

PGO Hemera Teaser

PGO Hemera teaser image has been released by PGO - the French car manufacturer. PGO Hemera is a small coupe sportscar that will join the manufacturer???s line-up which includes the Cevennes and Speedster II. Although the car will be premiered at Paris Motor Show this year, but there are no other information can be gained for this new PGO Hemera. Only this photo that revealed by the company. All detailed information will be added soon when the PGO Hemera car unveiled to the public.... Read More



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