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ROUSH Mustang P-51B Limited Edition

2009 ROUSH Mustang P-51B has been revealed by ROUSH Performance as their second aviation-themed pony car. Based on the 2009 Ford Mustang chassis, the 2009 ROUSH Mustang P-51B is inspired by the legendary WWII fighter plane. Powered by a Ford 4.6L and 3-valve engine, the 2009 ROUSH Mustang P-51B may develops 510 hp and 510 lb.-ft. of torque. The ROUSH Mustang P-51B’s engine features a forged steel crankshaft, forged aluminum pistons, and also forged steel H-Beam connecting rods. With an upgraded high-cap&... Read More

KITT Shelby Mustangs for Auction

KITT Shelby Mustangs featured in the latest Knight Rider movie will be auctioned for charity. Barrett-Jackson announced that two of those cars are available on auction. The auction for KITT Shelby Mustangs will be held (as the on-site timer says at this moment) in one day and six hours and will benefit Salute to Education. The two Shelby Mustangs auctioned are the Super KITT Shellby Mustang and the Attack Mode KITT Shellby Mustang. Both cars are based on the Shelby GT500KR and gave an estimated power output of 540 hp.... Read More



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