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Datsun XLink Concept Car

Datsun XLink concept car was the final thesis project of a German designer who graduate of Pforzheim University - Benjamin Nawka. The Datsun XLink concept car was developed at the Yulon Nissan Design Center in Taiwan. Inspired by the popular and stylish Datsun 240Z from the 1970’s, the Datsun XLink concept car has been made. However, Datsun XLink concept car is not a two-door version such as two-seat Datsun 240Z. Datsun XLink concept car is a four-door, and four-seat coupe. Datsun XLink concept car styling is inspired by aircraft and architecture. These ... Read More

FortuneSport Rt.S Car

FortuneSport Rt.S - the first sports coupe has been launched by FortuneSport. Powered by a 6.0 liter V8 engine, The FortuneSport Rt.S will have 350 hp and 390 lb-ft. FortuneSport Rt.S has weighs only 2,000 pounds, which is less than 1000 kg. The FortuneSport Rt.S needs less than 4.0 seconds to get from 0 to 100 km/h, and reach its top speed at 175 mph. The FortuneSport Rt.S has many features such as rolling gear supplied by BBS, a full composite bodywork, and seats integrated into the chassis. The FortuneSport Rt.S will be launched in late 2010 as a 2011 model, and the pricing for the FortuneSport Rt.S will starts at $85,000. Press Release Gwinnett County, Georgia. The first vehicle to be launched under the FortuneSpo... Read More

AC Cobra Venom V8 Concept Car

The Cobra Venom V8 concept car is a working project independently by UK based designer - Jamie Martin. The Cobra Venom V8 concept car was designed as a successor to the world renowned AC Cobra of the 1960s. The Cobra Venom V8 concept car features an extruded aluminium chassis and carbon-fibre body panels to keep the weight down. The lightweight and big power are the defining characteristics carried over from the original car. The Cobra Venom V8 Concept Car employs an F1-style alloy “protective cocoon”, with front and side a ... Read More

Alfa Romeo Mi.To Car

Alfa Romeo Mi.To detail and first photos officially revealed by Alfa Romeo. The Alfa Romeo Mi.To compact car is 4.06 meters long, with 1.44 meters high and 1.72 meters wide. Four turbo engines will be available for the Alfa Romeo Mi.To with power figures ranging from 90 hp up to 155 hp. Starting from July this year, the Alfa Romeo Mi.To will be introduced on all markets. Press Release Alfa Mi.To: World Premiere With the Mi.To, Alfa Romeo wishes to offer a new generation of Alfa aficionados the most compact sports car ever. An up-to-date and innovative car, a name redolent of history. The name Mi.To has great evocative resonance for Alfa Romeo, since it was chosen as a sign of a deep-seated link between the past and future of the brand: between Milan, the city of design that brought the cars style into being, and Turin, which will be responsible for its industrial production. A decision that highlights the brands strong desire to consolidate its Milanese roots. The Mi.To is the first ... Read More

All-Electric E-Loremo Concept Car

E-Loremo - an all-electric version of Loremo diesel car, had been planned to be built by Loremo AG. At the beginning of 2010, along together with the launch of the high-mph diesel version, E-Loremo will become available. A motor of approximately 20 kW power with bursts of up to 40kw (55hp) will be used for the E-Loremo. In regular mode the E-Loremo will likely consume 6 kWh/100 km, as claimed by Loremo. The goal is a mobility range of around 150 to 200 km (93 to 124 miles) with top speed up to 170 kph (105mph). The 157 mpg super fuel-efficient Loremo concept sports car is set to enter the Automotive X PRIZE, a competition designed to foster a new generation of viable, ultra-economic vehicles that are both accessible and affordable to the consumer. A first prototype of the E-Loremo will likely be ready as soon as mid 2008, so it won’t make it to this year’s Geneva Motorshow. Loremo has decided to skip on Geneva Motor Show this year and spend their time and money into fine-tu... Read More

Audi TT Clubsport Quattro Showcar

The Audi TT clubsport quattro showcar that will be premiered at the Worthersee Tour has revealed by German manufacturer. The Worthersee Tour, will be held in Reifnitz (Karnten), Austria, from May 21 to 25. Powered by a 2.0 TFSI turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine, the Audi TT clubsport quattro showcar may develops 220 kW (300 hp), with the engine is coupled with a S tronic transmission. The Audi TT clubsport quattro concept was premiered last year and Audi says that a “small-series production of this model cannot be ruled out”. Press Release An open cockpit, an engine producing more than 220 kW (300 hp) and a host of technologies borrowed from the world of motorsports the Audi TT clubsport quattro is an uncompromising driving machine. Audi is presenting an updated version of the spectacular showcar and sensation of 2007 at the Worthersee Tour, the big meet for Audi and VW enthusiasts in Reifnitz (Karnten), Austria, from May 21 to 25. Purism at a premium level thi... Read More

Axon Hatchback for Automotive X Prize Competition

Axon Automotive is a new company from UK that uses affordable carbon fiber manufacturing techniques to build fuel efficient cars. As announced by Axon Automotive, that they will entered their Axon hatchback in the Automotive X Prize competition. Built on a carbon fiber chassis, the Axon hatchback get its lightweight for a 100 mpg fuel consumption. With this condition, the Axon hatchback will become one of the most fuel efficient car in its class when it will go on sale in 2010. The new hatchback from Axon Automotive has been launched at the Sexy Green Car Show held between 23 and 31 of May, 2008. The Automotive X Prize is a 10 million USD competition to build the most fuel efficient car.... Read More

BMW EfficientDynamics Concept Revealed

The BMW EfficientDynamics concept finally premiered at Geneva Motor Show. As stated by BMW that the EfficientDynamics concept illustrates a possible future for the EfficientDynamics technologies. However, these technologies could bring even more CO2 savings in the future. BMW has equipped the BMW EfficientDynamics concept with an ActiveHybrid system with a twin-turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine, a new eight-speed automatic gearbox and roof-mounted solar panels. That makes the 4×4 with the lowest CO2 emissions and the best fuel consumption. Press Release The BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept car has made its world debut at the Geneva Motorshow. The concept car is designed to showcase the possible future direction of BMWs EfficientDynamics performance enhancing and emissions lowering innovations. But BMWs EfficientDynamics technologies arent all conceptual far from it. At the same time, details have been published outlining the substantial CO2 and fuel savings that ha... Read More

BMW GINA Light Concept Car Video

BMW GINA video has been released by the German brand for the first time, along with its details and photos. This BMW GINA video explains the design of the BMW GINA Light concept, and it is hosted by Chris Bangle. For anyone who don’t know the meaning of GINA, it is an acronym for Geometry and function in an Infinite Number of Adaptations. With this GINA Light Concept from BMW, the engineers will have more freedom of design, and it requires less energy to produce, since it’s lighter and moved away from the metal skin. Please enjoy while watching the BMW GINA video below…... Read More

Cadillac CTS Coupe Concept Car

The Cadillac CTS Coupe Concept Car was unveiled at the 2008 Detroit Motor Show. The concept extends the existing Cadillac CTS sedan into the luxury sports coupe market. Although based on the sedan, the CTS Coupe shares only the instrument panel, headlamps, console, front fenders and grille with the production model. “The CTS Coupe Concept is a dramatic design statement,” said Ed Welburn, VP, GM Global Design. “We did not create it as the result of sifting through reams of market data, nor is its shape trimmed to suit the input collected at a consumer clinic it is emotion on four wheels and the very essence of what defines Cadillac today.” Among the Cadillac CTS Coupe Concepts signature design cues are a number of elements that suggest the look of a carefully cut diamond particularly at the rear. These elements are seen in everything from the chrome header above the rear license plate holder to the indents that comprise the basic form of the rear fascia. The 2008... Read More

Cadillac Provoq Concept Car

The Cadillac Provoq Concept Car will be presented by Cadillac at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) next week in Detroit. The Cadillac Provoq Concept Car will showcase its future design and performance technology. This concept car will be unveiled tomorrow, January 8, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Press Release Cadillac To Showcase Future Design And Performance Technology Cadillac extends its ongoing design and technology momentum with tomorrow’s debut of the Cadillac Provoq Concept, a vision for a petroleum-free future of luxury transportation. GM CEO Rick Wagoner will present the Cadillac Provoq Concept Vehicle January 8 at the influential Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, beginning a showcase of Cadillac’s future performance technology and design that will continue at next week’s North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. The Cadillac Provoq Concept continues Cadillac’s remarkable heritage of ... Read More

Chrysler ecoVoyager Concept Car

The Chrysler ecoVoyager concept is a battery and hydrogen fuel cell powered passenger vehicle displayed at the 2008 Detroit Motor Show. With power primarily supplied by a lithium-ion battery pack, the Chrysler ecoVoyager’s wheels are driven by an electric motor. The electric motor develops 200 kilowatts (268 horsepower), giving the ecoVoyager a 0-60 mph acceleration time of 8.8 seconds. A regenerative braking system helps top up the battery during deceleration. The ecoVoyager concept uses a small hydrogen fuel cell to extend the range for occasional long trips. Using the hydrogen fuel cell, the Chrysler ecoVoyager’s total range is greater than 300 miles, with only water exiting the tailpipe. The styling of the Chrysler ecoVoyager is not the most exciting, but it’s mono-box shape is well executed and practical, providing the maximum amount of interior space for the occupants. The ecoVoyager’s four individual chairs are contoured for personalized comfort. The seat... Read More

Citroen Participate at Goodwood Festival

The Citroen Xsara WRC and the Citroen C-Metisse concept car - Two special vehicles from Citroen has been announced on its participation at the 2008 Goodwood Festival of Speed. The Citroen Xsara WRC is the one from the 2003 World Rally Championship that was driven by Colin McRae. In this way the French manufacturer will pay a tribute to the Scottish racing legend. While for the Citroen C-Metisse concept car, which had its debut at the 2006 Paris Motor Show, is powered by a V6 HDi diesel engine and electric motors. With that specification, the Citroen C-Metisse concept car may develops 208 bhp and reach its top speed at 155 mph and the 0-62 mph acceleration time is 6.2 seconds. Press Release Citroen will be displaying two very special vehicles at this years Festival of Speed at Goodwood, exhibiting both the rich racing pedigree and forward thinking, environmentally considerate design of the marque. A replica of the Citroen Xsara WRC, as driven by Colin McRae in the 2003 World Rally Cham... Read More

Dodge ZEO Concept Car Unveiled

The Dodge ZEO is a 2+2 sports car concept powered by an all-electric drivetrain. The powertrain consists of a 64 kilowatt-hour, lithium-ion battery pack driving a 200 kilowatt (268 horsepower) electric motor turning the rear wheels. This setup gives the Dodge ZEO a 0-60 mph time of just 5.7 seconds, while also allowing for a 250 mile range. The exterior design of the ZEO was Inspired in part by the architecture of a Mbius strip. The rakish A-pillars curve into extended roof rails that twist and converge as they move rearward. The windshield glass continues in an unbroken, curving plane nearly to the rear of the car, giving both front and rear passengers an unimpeded, all-around view while simultaneously showcasing the ZEO’s stylish interior. Access to the Dodge ZEO is via scissor doors both front and rear. Inside Dodge have designed the interior to appeal to younger, gadget-aware buyers. “The Dodge ZEO concept is an example of designing for people who are used to a dynamic ... Read More

Ferrari Concept by Luca Serafini

The Scuderia is the latest incarnation of the Ferrari 430 that was unveiled by Michael Schumacher at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year. With the feels of its need for a new design of the Ferrari 430, Italian designer Luca Serafini has make a design of the Ferrari Concept 2008. The Ferrari Concept 2008 by Luca Serafini was rendered after a close look at the classic Ferrari models. This design of Ferrari Concept 2008 was created with the goal of reaching a path to previous designs. Here you can see some creation of Luca Serafini on Ferrari Concept 2008:... Read More

Ferrari F250 Concept Car

The Ferrari F250 concept is a design which created independently from Ferrari by Idries Omar. The F250 has been designed as a lightweight, entry level Ferrari. Reviving the long dead Ferrari Dino model, however the name is derived from the Ferrari 250 GTO. Proposed power for the concept comes from a mid-mounted 2.5 litre V6 engine running on bio-fuel. The Ferrari F250 concept exists only as a computer model, and currently there are no plans to put the model in production.... Read More

Ferrari F460 Tifosi Concept Car

Ferrari F460 Tifosi concept car was created by Atilla Tay - a Transport Design graduate from the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena. Ferrari F460 Tifosi concept is a proposal for a successor to the current Ferrari F430. Based on the F460 name, Ferrari F460 Tifosi concept would be powered from a 4.6 litre, mid-mounted V8. And, like the F430, the Tifosi’s engine is visible through a glass rear hatch. The ‘Tifosi’ part of the name is taken from the Italian word for ‘fan’, and in Italy the word Tifosi is often used to describe the supporters of Scuderia Ferrari in Formula One. Ferrari F460 Tifosi concept is similar in size, proportion and layout to the F430, but with perhaps a slightly more slippery profile. The exterior design of the concept is inspired by the shape of DNA, using continuous flowing lines to define the surfaces. The matt black color of the concept helps to emphasize style lines of the concept.... Read More

Fiat 500 Aria Concept Car

Fiat has announced that the Fiat 500 Aria concept car will be showcased at the Geneva show. Fiat 500 Aria concept car will be an represents and ecological manifesto for Fiat’s research in reducing CO2 emissions. Powered by a 1,2 liter petrol propulsion engine combined with the robotic shift Dualogic, the Fiat 500 Aria concept will be joined by the new Fiat 500 Sport. Meanwhile, other models presented in the same stand as the Fiat 500 Aria concept are the Grande Punto and Bravo models. The Grande Punto equipped with 1,3 and 1,6 liter Multijet propulsion, and the Fiat Bravo equipped with a new 120 CV 1.6 Multijet engine with robotic Dualogic shift.... Read More

Ford Explorer America Concept Car

The Ford Explorer America - a new Explorer concept car will unveiled by Ford at the Detroit show. The Ford Explorer America concept car will showcase with the help of a new and more efficient engine technology - EcoBoost. Ford Explorer America will showcase two engines that use the EcoBoost technology: - 3.5-liter V-6 delivering about 340 hp. - a 4-cylinder 2-liter engine delivering 275 hp and 280 lb.-ft. of torque Press Release FORD TO REVEAL NEW FUEL-SAVING CONCEPT IN DETROIT The Ford Explorer America concept showcases a new kind of utility for the vehicle customers have known and loved for years: even better fuel efficiency. “Customers are smart. They value vehicles the more efficient, the better,” said Jim Farley, Ford group vice president of Marketing and Communications. “Ford gets it. “Innovative technologies can transform people’s favorite vehicles. Look at SYNC, the Ford system that connects people and their favorite portable devices, including med... Read More

Gemballa Tornado GTR / GTS Concept Car

The Gemballa Tornado GTR / GTS concept car is based on the Porsche Cayenne 957 Turbo. Equipped with adjustable seats, the Gemballa Tornado GTS Porsche Cayenne has a panoramic roof and four-wheel drive. Additionally, the Gembala Tornado GTS Porsche Cayenne also came with an option for Cooling Box and Multimedia. This concept car featuring racing seats and lightweight. However, an option for a two-wheel drive version also included in this concept car.... Read More



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