2012 Fiat 500 Cabrio

2012 Fiat 500 Cabrio (also called 500C in Europe) details and images has been released by Fiat for US market. With its new technology, 2012 Fiat 500 Cabrio will comes with an efficient design while bring Italian styling. As have been mentioned by Fiat that the 2012 Fiat 500 Cabrio will not have the same canvas roof as the original version while featuring a premium dual-layer power-operated cloth top. With these feature, ... Read More

Opel Insignia OPC Unlimited

Opel Insignia OPC Unlimited special edition has been revealed by Opel. This special edition car will has no top speed limiter and reach its top speed at 270 km/h with the manual transmission. Opel Insignia OPC Unlimited will have the same 0 to 100 km/h acceleration time of 6.0 seconds although this special edition car has a higher top speed than the regular version. While for its CO2 emissions level will ranges from 249 g/km t... Read More

Peugeot SXC concept car

Peugeot SXC concept car details has been released ahead of its public debut at 2011 Shanghai Auto Show. Peugeot SXC concept is a modern four-door crossover vehicle which measures 2.035m in width, 4.870m in length, and 1.610m in height. This concept car was designed by the Peugeot Style Studios of the China Tech Center and fitted with 6-speed electronically controlled manual transmission. With a hybrid powertrain on the Peugeot SXC concept, this concept car featuring a 1.6 liter THP petrol engine which may outputs 160 kW (218 bhp) and 280 Nm of torque (overboost function may increase its torque at 300 Nm). While the electric motor ... Read More

Mini Cooper Goodwood special edition

Mini Cooper has launched a special edition model called the MINI INSPIRED BY GOODWOOD at Shanghai Auto Show this year. This special edition model was developed in collaboration with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars which responsible for the luxury car design style. Powered by the l.6-litre four-cylinder engine, Mini Goodwood may develops 135 kW/184 bhp as the engine comes equipped with Twin Scroll turbocharger, direct petrol injection, and variable valve control. With using top-grade materials, style, and the highest level of workmanship on its Goodwood special edition car, Mini Cooper is aiming to offer the highes... Read More

Ashera - The Most Exotic House Cat

I have a little cute white cat named Sheeva with a raccoon tail. She’s very sweet, but I would like to trade her away in a heartbeat for the World’s Rarest, Largest, and Most Exotic House Cat valued $20,000 named Ashera. The Ashera is spots and all, like a mini-Leopard, but it’s really a cool blend between an African Serval and the Asian Leopard Cat bred with a domestic cat. Ashera as a giant house cat, can reach weights up to 30 pounds, can be walked o... Read More

Chevrolet Camaro 45th Anniversary special edition

Chevrolet has released the Chevrolet Camaro 45th Anniversary special edition details to celebrate the launch of the 2012 Chevrolet Camaro. Chevrolet Camaro 45th Anniversary special edition will make its world debut at the Camaro5 Fest II, on April 15 in Arizona. Chevrolet Camaro 45th Anniversary special edition will be available in two trim levels, 2LT and 2SS. This special edition Chevy car also available in a coupe and convertible models and featuring Carbon Flash ... Read More

2011 Dodge Charger by Mopar

2011 Dodge Charger gets a custom part program from Mopar as the company released the first sketch of the car. Powered by a 5.7-liter HEMI engine, 2011 Dodge Charger by Mopar may ouputs 370 hp and 395 lb.-ft. of torque. With the Super Trac Pac option and a special calibrated engine controller equipped on the Dodge Charger, Mopar believes that it matches the maximum engine power and transmission shifting to the differential. Comes with the latest generation Piston Grip shifter combined with Auto Stick, 2011 Dodge Charger by Mopar a... Read More

Citroen DS5 teaser image

Citroen DS5 teaser image has been released by Citroen. Although Citroen does not release any technical details for its new DS5, but they said on the press release that this car will be available for world debut on April 18th, 2011 at Shanghai Auto Show. As described by Citroen, the new Citroen DS5 will comes with a daring and sculptural design, and also available with many choices on architecture, styling, sensations, and refinement. Citroen DS5 is considered to be “manifestation of their finest expertise”, as have been said by the French car manufacturer. As we don’t have any technical news about the car instead of its headlight image teaser, we should wait until its premiere at the Shanghai A... Read More

Spyker C8 Aileron GT race car

Spyker has released the first images and details of their new C8 Aileron GT race car. Designed to the GTE specifications, Spyker C8 Aileron GT race car will be developed at Spyker’s Zeewolde headquarters and will be sold to various racing teams as it will enter the competition circuit from 2012. As have been said by the company, Spyker C8 Aileron GT race car will become a replacement of the Squadron’s C8 Laviolette GT2R racer. Unfortunately, we will not see this race car at this Geneva International M ... Read More

Carlsson C25 Royale special edition in Geneva Show

Carlsson C25 Royale special edition which coming from extensive modifications of Mercedes SL65 AMG has been presented at Geneva International Motor Show. The modifications include on the engine, interior, and also on its chassis. With a tuned V12 biturbo engine, Carlsson C25 Royale special edition may develop its power up to 753 hp (554 kW) and 1,320 Nm of torque. With a 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) acceleration time at 3.7 seconds, Carlsson C25 Royale special edition’s top speed is rated at 352 km/h. Carlsson C25 Royale special edition will features new aerody... Read More

Ferrari FF premiere in Geneva

Ferrari FF finally has made its public premiere at the 81st Geneva International Motor Show. With its global debut, finally we can see the interior inside the car for the first time. Ferrari FF is the first all-wheel-drive car and the most versatile car model the company ever made which offering more space for its passenger. As have been said by the manufacturer, Ferrari FF comes with a 360 g /km CO2 emissions level while it has a 15.4 l/100 km fuel consumption. Ferrari also present a HELE (Hi... Read More

Mitsubishi e-compact concept in Geneva

Mitsubishi has reveals its new global small concept car which called Mitsubishi e-compact concept in Geneva International Motor Show. Mitsubishi e-compact concept car is powered by a 1.0-liter 3 cylinder MIVEC (petrol) engine coupled with a 5-speed manual transmission. This new concept car from Mitsubishi is able to host 5 passengers as it measures 3,74 m in length, 1,68 m in width, and 1,49 m in height. The company also said that this concept car will become the most space efficient in the B-Segment. Although the company does not disclose any details about the price of its new Mitsubishi e-compact concept car, but they said that it will become available in some countries such as: Europe, North America, North... Read More

Fiat 500 Coupe Zagato Concept at Geneva Motor Show

Fiat 500 Coupe Zagato concept is a new concept coupe version of the Fiat 500 which has been premiered by Fiat at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. In fact, this concept is a result of collaboration between Fiat and Zagato. As have been said by Fiat, the new Fiat 500 Coupe Zagato prototype is a 2+2 seater and may offers enough space for two person in the back. Measuring 3550 mm in length, Fiat 500 Coupe Zagato concept has 1630 mm in width and 1490 mm in height. Fiat 500 Coupe Zagato concept has 230 mm long for its wheelbase. Powered by the 105 HP TwinAir engine and has a 95 g/km CO2 em ... Read More

Wiesmann Spyder concept in Geneva

Wiesmann Spyder concept is a car concept from small size car manufacturer Wiesmann. Although it’s just a concept design study from Wiesmann this time, but we’re thinking that the concept will enter the production line and become a reality someday. Have you ever think of investing and developing a new concept just for fun? We don’t think so… Powered by a 4.0-liter V8 engine, Wiesmann Spyder concept may develops 420 hp and is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in under 4 seconds. With a weight less than 1000 kg, Wiesmann Spyder concept may reach its top speed at around 29... Read More

Lotus Evora Enduro GT race car

Lotus Evora Enduro GT race car has been premiered by Lotus. The development of the new Evora Enduro GT’s task was achieved by Lotus Motorsport under the Lead Designer Nicola Scimeca. Lotus Evora Enduro GT is the vehicle on which Lotus will base its GT2/GTE homologated cars for FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) and ACO (l’Automobile Club de l’Ouest) endurance racing. As have been said by the company that the new Lotus Evora Enduro GT race car will represents an evolution of the Lotus Evora GT4 Endurance, which we&#... Read More

Rolls Royce 102EX Phantom at Geneva Motor Show

Rolls Royce 102EX Phantom electric car has been presented in Geneva Motor Show by Rolls Royce. Many people worldwide were surprised when Rolls Royce made announcement about their electric experimental vehicle last week. However, it has become reality at this year Geneva Motor Show. Rolls Royce 102EX Phantom electric vehicle comes featuring countles custom design elements such as an illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy, and an experimental type of leather called Seton Corinova. The most interesting part is coming from the power sources (in this case - electricity) t... Read More

Toyota FT-86 II Concept at 2011 Geneva Motor Show

Toyota FT-86 II concept has been premiered by Toyota at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The company also said that the Toyota FT-86 II concept is the closest one yet to the production version of the vehicle as it will take over the streets from 2012. Toyota FT-86 II concept has the same developed boxer engine in collaboration with Subaru under its hood coupled with a six-speed manual transmission, emphasizing the sporty character of the ve... Read More

Skoda VisionD concept in Geneva

Skoda VisionD concept has been revealed in Geneva along with the basic lines which will influences all future vehicles of the brand. A new logo of the company also showcased which means inspiring freshness and precision. Skoda VisionD concept comes with a fluent integration of the tailgate underscores, short overhangs, a long wheelbase, and also a dynamic roof line.... Read More

Subaru Boxer Sports Car at Geneva Motor Show

Subaru Boxer Sports Car has been presented by Subaru at Geneva Motor Show this year after their previous leaked Subaru BOXER sports car architecture images displayed on some webs a while ago. This car is a result of collaboration between Subaru and Toyota. Subaru developing its boxer engine, while Toyota had the task of putting the RWD system into the sports car. Subaru Boxer sports car will have a wheelbase of 2,570 mm while it has 1,770 mm in width, 4,200 mm in length, and 1,270 mm in height. Equipped with 2.0-liter engine capacity, the new Subaru Boxer sports car will have a n&... Read More

MINI John Cooper Works S2000 WRC

MINI John Cooper Works S2000 WRC has been presented by MINI at this year Geneva Motor Show. However, it’s the first time for people to get a first taste of the new John Cooper Works S2000 World Rally Championship car by MINI in Geneva. Mini JCW WRC will have more efficient front aerodynamics, and equipped with a larger rear wing, and also ultra-lightweight plastic side windows. On the front axle, the Mini JCW WRC will come with water-cooled brakes. MINI John Cooper Works S2000 which displayed in Geneva will be entered by priva... Read More



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