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The Secrets of Yoga


Actually, the word “Yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit word “yeund” which means to “yoke” or “join”. When I’ve read the Hindu philosophy, this word has meaning a union of the individual soul (Jivatma) with universal consciousness (Parmatma). In other words, the meaning is the union of the body with the mind, and mind with the soul. However, this art defines many methods and practices which may help an individual attain divine realization.

I’m very interested in Yoga… so I’m seek many information about this art. I want to know more about yoga pose and exercise guide which may result to the health of my body.

While looking for the source for yoga in the internet, I have found a site that providing me with the most complete information about yoga pose and exercise guide. I’m very glad to find TheSecretsofYoga. A site portal that gives me many useful and valuable information that can be used to start my experience with Yoga.

Why I’m very interested in Yoga? That’s because Yoga may enhances health and general well-being in a person like me. It can be done through a regime of physical exercises and body postures. With doing pracitces on Yoga, I will have a great impact on the function of my body organs, my blood circulation, also my nerves and glands.

With the help of TheSecretsOfYoga which providing me with yoga pose and exercise guide, I can makes all systems inside my body keep health, energetic, focused, and stay sharp.

Moreover, with practicing in Yoga, many physical ailments and common diseases can be treated with regular practice of yogic postures. Practicing Yoga is not difficult as I have thought before. I can learn yoga pose and exercise guide very well. And I believe it can be a solution for increasing the healthy of my body.



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