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Toyota and Sony Collaborate for a New Vehicle

 We have seen Toyota collaborating with several auto makers before ? just like the collaboration with Isuzu Motors to build small engines and release them in 2009. Toyota is still looking for more collaborations to push through with its planned building of more than 10 million vehicles in the next few years.

And now Toyota is doing another exciting collaboration with a famous gadget maker. You know which company I am referring to right? It?s Sony. The future partnership of Toyota and Sony will bring out a new vehicle in the market. And it?s not just any other vehicle but a single ride car. Exciting? You bet.


In 2005, Toyota revealed a concept version of the i-swing, an armchair wheels. But Toyota seems determined to turn the concept into reality ? enlisting the partnership with Sony to pursue the production of the single-ride vehicle. Toyota sees Sony engineers as the most capable of doing this new type of vehicle.

Sony is renowned makers of major patent robotics and Toyota is (as everybody already know) makes the best selling vehicle models at present. Now seven engineers of Sony are working with Toyota to build the next generation project. No such thing as a Saab radiator fan on this ride, but the collaboration between the two huge Japanese companies will assure you that the car parts are made up of the best materials out there.

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Toyota has developed the TPR-Robina, the newest robot on its company. The new robot is used to guide the visitors of the company around the head quarters. The new robot also has the ability to converse with the visitors and also performs several skills. However, Sony is now focusing on developing more updated technology on its electronics other than venturing to robotics.



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