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Sakon Yamamoto Recaps the Season

 The Hungarian GP made Sakon Yamamoto decide to join the Spyker F1 team. And eventually, everybody thought it was a great decision for Yamamoto and Spyker because everybody was impressed both with Yamamoto?s approach and his agility and speed on the race tracks.

Now let?s hear Yamamoto’s review about the previous season courtesy of

Q: It?s been quite an unusual season for you, not least because you switched from GP2 to F1 in the middle of it. How would you sum up the year?

Sakon Yamamoto: This year was quite a variable season for me! At the beginning of the season I was a test driver for Aguri, and I raced in GP2 as a way to come back to F1. And I got a chance. The team was different, but it was a good opportunity to join with Spyker, and I really appreciated that they give me a good chance to drive in F1. I joined from Hungary, so in total I did seven races. In the first one in Hungary and the last one in Brazil I retired, but the other five races I finished. I tried as hard as I could and I really appreciate everybody who supported me, the team members and sponsors. So I really want to say thank you for a great season.

Q: How difficult was it to come back to F1 with a different team and no testing?

SY: At the first race in Hungary everything was really new, but at least I had experience from last year, so therefore for me it wasn’t as tough as 2006. Last year I joined F1 during the season, and I didn?t know anything. But this year I at least had that experience of seven races, and I knew how I should work with an F1 team, and that experience helped me a lot.

Q: How much did the situation improve when you got the B-spec car?

SY: The B-spec car was better than the A-spec, it was a big improvement. For me driving was much easier than before, and I also I could try to really push to get good results for the team.

Q: You didn?t have much luck in qualifying. Was that frustrating?

SY: During the season I can say I had really bad luck to try to get good lap times, things like traffic, some accidents. But that’s motor racing, and I believe that if something bad happens, next day it can be good again, so I didn?t worry about it so much. I just tried to concentrate on my job.

Q: Which race were you most happy with?

SY: I was really happy with the Japanese GP, because it was my home race, and it was the toughest conditions. I had a good result. But my target was always to get nearer the front, and I had hoped to do that in the final race in Brazil!



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