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2008 Corvette C6 GT4 Rally Car

 The 2008 Corvette C6 GT4 had been unveiled by General Motors. The 2008 Corvette C6 GT4 will compete in this year’s FIA GT4 Championship.

Powered by a 6.2 V8 LS3 engine, the 2008 Corvette C6 GT4 developing 437 bhp. But for non-FIA race categories, Callaway can boost this to 500 bhp.

The 2008 Corvette C6 GT4 engine transfers the power to a Tremec close-ratio 6-speed manual gearbox and a Tilton triple-plate race clutch.

With option of an aerodynamic body kit that includes a large front spoiler with splitter and a rear wing for added downforce, the 2008 Corvette C6 GT4 price will be around 125,000 Euros mark. And for the DSC version it will costing around 150,000.

Press Release

Corvette C6 participates in FIA GT4 Championship

Corvette GT4 built by Corvette specialist Callaway in Germany

GT4 race car based on Corvette C6

GT4 version with minor changes also suited for Dutch Supercar Challenge

This weekend Corvette will participate in the FIA GT4 European Cup at Silverstone. The English circuit hosts the first two rounds of this FIA Championship. Among the cars on the grid is the new Corvette GT4, built by Callaway. Earlier, the experienced German specialist was already responsible for a number of very successful Corvette racecars. The new car will be driven by the Dutchmen Danny van Dongen and Rogier Kroymans, both team members of the Kroymans Racing team.

The GT4 series was initiated last year. The races will be held on six European circuits (Silverstone, Monza, Oschersleben, Francorchamps, Brno and Nogaro). Race fans will notice that the race calendar more or less echoes that of the GT3 series. This is indeed the case, since the GT4 Cup derives from GT3. The difference lies in the fact that GT3 is a race series for semi-professionals, which most certainly cannot be said of GT4. From a technical point of view, the GT4 cars are much closer to the production cars in the dealer showroom. Every effort has been made to keep the GT4 Cup as accessible as possible. ???Gentleman-drivers??? are most welcome, professional racing drivers however are not.

Corvette enjoys a fine reputation in the world of international motor sport, due in part to the various competitions and race series in which the American supercar goes to battle with other cars. The American racing legend has won the GT1 class of the 24 Hours of Le Mans as well as Francorchamps and the European FIA GT3 Championship 2007. The GT4 is a logical, affordable addition to the more professional and more expensive race categories; without a Corvette, the GT4 grid is not complete.

With the arrival of the GT4 version, based on the Corvette C6, Corvette is active in almost all categories of GT racing. It is proof of the fact that motor sport is an important part of the brand philosophy. ???Win on Sunday, sell on Monday??? is a maxim held in high esteem by Corvette.

The 2008 C6 GT4 is built by Callaway Competition in Leingarten, Germany. This car is based on the 2008 C6 model. The 6.2 V8 LS3 engine features dry-sump lubrication. The close-ratio 6-speed manual gearbox is supplied by Tremec and the triple-plate race clutch by Tilton. Further modifications: ventilated disc brakes from AP Racing (front: diameter 355 mm, 6-piston calipers; rear: diameter 330 mm, 4-piston calipers), racing ABS, cast-magnesium wheels from OZ Racing with Pirelli tires (front: 265/645-18; rear: 305/680-18) and a Koenig Hans bucket seat with 6-point safety harness. The C6 GT4 is also equipped with a roll cage, safety fuel tank with a capacity of 104 litres and refueling valves on both sides, pneumatic jack system, polycarbonate rear and side windows and a GM Performance T1 chassis with adjustable anti-roll bars front and rear.

The engine delivers 437 bhp, but Callaway can boost this to 500 bhp for non-FIA race categories. An aerodynamic body kit is available too, consisting of a large front spoiler with splitter and a rear wing for added downforce. These options are fitted on Corvettes participating in the Dutch Supercar Challenge (DSC).

Callaway has the capacity to build five GT4 cars this year. Delivery of these cars will take place at the Corvette Experience Centers, where GT4 drivers can also turn to for spares. The FIA GT4 version carries a price tag of approximately ?? 125,000; the DSC version is approximately ?? 150,000.



2008 Corvette C6 GT4 Rally Car
2008 Corvette C6 GT4 Rally Car
2008 Corvette C6 GT4 Rally Car
2008 Corvette C6 GT4 Rally Car

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