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Saab Blackbird Concept Car

 Saab Blackbird concept is a tandem configuration two-seat sports car inspired by the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird jet. This concept is a creation of Mark Kruse, a contracting designer working for Formation Design Group in Atlanta, GA.

Saab Blackbird concept will be developed for the year 2020 and features many innovations and unusual features not yet available on production cars.

Saab Blackbird concept is powered with four in-wheel electric motors and batteries charged via a solar skin covering the top of the vehicle.

The narrow design of the Saab Blackbird helps it to carve through city traffic and congested roads. The suspension can also pull in close to the body (making the vehicle taller and slimmer, thus shrinking its footprint) making it perfect to occupy special highway lanes developed for this specific type of narrow car platform. In slim mode the Blackbird is just 52″ (132 cm) wide.

Saab Blackbird concept offering more interesting features inside such as seats which can expand or contract to fit the occupant, these are controlled by a dial on the side of each seat. The driver has a concise LCD display screen mounted directly in front which offers up all vital driving information. The passenger has a wrap around display which can stream video, connect to the internet, show movies, or project outside scenery.



Saab Blackbird Concept Car
Saab Blackbird Concept Car
Saab Blackbird Concept Car

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