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2009 Peugeot 107 Facelift

 Peugeot has unveiled their latest mini version - 2009 Peugeot 107 facelift. Comes with a new appearance, 2009 Peugeot 107 facelift also has re-designed headlamps, new side vents, and air intakes with a cross-link grille.

Peugeot 107 facelift (2009) will be available with one of two engines: a 68 bhp 1.0 liter petrol unit or a 54 bhp 1.4 HDI diesel engine.

2009 Peugeot 107 facelift can be equipped with either a five speed manual gearbox or a five speed electronically-controlled manual gearbox for the petrol engine.

Press Release

The new Peugeot 107


Its love of the city dates from the Spring of 2005, though it is more than happy to take the motorway out of town…

With more than 322,000 units produced (to the end of September 2008) and owners among the best ambassadors of its numerous qualities, the 107 provides an efficient and clever response to the needs of urban mobility and does so with a smile on its face.

Peugeot 107 is attractive??¦

Its fun-and-youthful appearance, multiple body colors and cute-shaped headlamps light up the road as well as the lives of its customers. For these customers, style counts for much in their choice of car and still remains a strong decisive factor.

Peugeot 107 offers key benefits??¦

Its handling and low running costs, important and distinctive criteria of choice in its segment, together with its stylish appearance and affordable purchase price, result in a user satisfaction level way above the market average.

Peugeot 107 expresses youthfulness??¦

If like most vehicles in this category, it is purchased as a second or third car in the family, the 107 stands out from the competition particularly by the prevalence of owners who are females in its customer base (69%, a quarter of them under the age of 35), a higher proportion of single people living with their parents and a lower proportion of retired people.

As 2009 approaches, the new 107 increases its appeal :

It continues to deliver key benefits

It enhances these features

It enriches its specification


The 107 has lost none of its sparkling appeal, both in its three- and five-door versions, and continues to express being ???cool??? and ???energetic???. Nevertheless it has evolved stylistically with a new front-end style that reflects a sharper and fuller personality.

The new profile of the lower front panel has more substance and robustness.

It repositions the number plate in the lower section, like other Peugeot range models, and features a redesign of the contours of an air intake now featuring a cross-link grille.

This new lower front panel incorporates side vents complete with grille and a decorative two-part insert, which can house the fog lights that are available as an accessory.

An original and highly contemporary refinement radiates from this design with a wide chrome insert that accentuates the new bumper capping.

The characteristic profile of the 107 benefits from the new lower front panel and the new 14?? Cordouan wheel trims styled with a seven-spoke design, reinforcing the car???s distinctive vitality. At the rear, the style of the 107 continues to display an attractive aspect with its dark glass tailgate/rear windscreen separating the angled contours of the rear lights. To bolster its urban credentials, the 107 protects itself with a wraparound rear bumper and black capping.


The passenger compartment is designed to accentuate the exterior color with contrasting or matching trims that add emphasis or an imaginative touch.

Simple and functional, the interior of the 107 is also brimming with originality ??? the seats feature integral head restraints, a distinctive orange back-lit translucent panel for the heating/ventilation or air conditioning system (incorporating graphics with a modern feel), a single instrument panel from which a rev counter is placed above.

Interior trims have developed in line with changes to style and body colors.

A new ???Stilada?? trim, accompanied by a silver grey bead on the seat surrounds, is featured on the Trendy level.

This is available in two versions which, combined with the body colours, create very different personalities :

black background with silver-grey flecks

black background with orange-red flecks

The basic Urban level retains its predominantly grey Nokimate mesh trim but also features highlights linked to the sparkling new body colours.

Upgrade to the Alcantara??/leather trim. (available as an option or limited edition according to market). This enhances the presentation of the seats and is now accompanied by new features : the Alcantara?? is now specified in black, the visible stitching that accompanies this trim is given a new silver-grey colour, the housing of the side air bag is now black, blending seamlessly with the trim of the same colour, interior decorations become silver grey (surrounds of instrument panel and rev counter, side air vents and door handles).

Accompanying these stylistic changes, versions with the Alcantara??/leather trim benefit from a black leather steering wheel and a leather gear lever knob.

This design is another aspect likely to have wide appeal with customers, complementing the new front design aspect and its wider use of chrome decoration.


With a length of 3.43m, its compactness is a real driving benefit and, with electric power steering, manual or electronically-controlled manual transmissions and a turning circle diameter reduced to 9.46m, its handling is a strength??¦ which the 107 uses for the comfort and pleasure of its driver, making parking a delight.

A traffic jam? It can turn on a sixpence??¦ or make waiting fun??¦ with its optional air conditioning or mono CD audio system with auxiliary MP3 connector??¦


The 107 excels in terms of running costs, of eco-friendliness, both in its petrol and HDi diesel versions and takes these benefits even further??¦

With further reduced fuel consumption and even closer attention paid to environmental-friendliness, the 107 highlights the economy of its engines and the frugality of its greenhouse gas emissions, both on the three cylinder petrol engine and the HDi diesel engine.

This environmental performance contributes to Peugeot???s excellent result in terms of greenhouse gas emissions : indeed Peugeot was the leading European manufacturer of cars emitting less than 120 g of CO2/km in 2007.


In terms of sound insulation??¦

Enhancing ride comfort, sound insulation of the passenger compartment has been redesigned to improve noise insulation and reduced vibrations :

the addition of soundproofing materials to the rear quarter panels on three-door versions and the new design of the rear parcel shelf help to reduce noise entering the rear of the car, new soundproofing bonded to the structure of the front floor and a new damper pulley that drives engine accessories to improve the acoustics and levels of vibration at certain frequencies of petrol engine operation.

In terms of praticity

Short and able to seat up to four people, the 107 offers a boot volume of 200 dm3 VDA to the height of the seat backs and 139 dm3 under the tilting rear parcel shelf (due to the parcel shelf???s low position).

The design of the rear parcel shelf has been improved to allow better access to the boot and for better use of the 477 mm available between the sill and the rear seat backs.

The folding rear seats of the 107 liberate a total volume of 751 dm3 and a usable length of 1093 mm.


Awarded 4 EuroNCAP stars in the adult protection test and 3 stars in the child protection test due to its design, safety equipment (up to six air bags can be fitted) and easily mastered road holding capabilities, the 107 ensures peace of mind for its occupants. A city car par excellence, EuroNCAP also awarded it 2 stars for the protection of pedestrians. TO SUM UP, THE 2009 VERSION OF THE 107 REAFFIRMS AND BUILDS ON EXISTING BENEFITS

A real car, robust and protective??¦

A small, sparkling ???can???t-do-without?? car??¦

Eye-catching appeal ??¦

??¦affordable, economic to use, efficient, spontaneous, ideal for driving around town??¦ What else?


Urban level

Three doors or five doors

1.0-litre petrol engine, five speed manual gearbox

Main equipment :

ABS, front air bags, electric power steering, rear windscreen wiper, body colour bumpers, heightadjustable steering wheel, front seats with integral head restraints, folding rear bench seat, luggage cover, 12V connector, radio pre-equipment.

Trendy level

Three doors or five doors

1.0-litre petrol engine, five speed manual gearbox

1.0-litre petrol engine, five speed electronically-controlled manual gearbox

1.4-litre HDi diesel engine, five speed manual gearbox

Main equipment (additional to Urban level) :

Side airbags, electric front windows, remote controlled door locking, rev counter, 50/50 folding rear seat backs, curved rear head restraints, Isofix fixtures on rear seats, side mouldings, body colour door mirrors and door handles.



2009 Peugeot 107 Facelift
2009 Peugeot 107 Facelift
2009 Peugeot 107 Facelift
2009 Peugeot 107 Facelift
2009 Peugeot 107 Facelift
2009 Peugeot 107 Facelift
2009 Peugeot 107 Facelift

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