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Corvette C6 Upgrade Package by INNOTECH

 Corvette C6 gets a new upgrade package as a Czech company called INNOTECH has launched a new upgrade package for this car.

INNOTECH Corvette C6 aerodynamic package comes with a new front and rear fascia and a new hood made from carbon fiber. In the future, it will be possible that the INNOTECH Corvette C6 will also featured with a wide body kit.

INNOTECH Corvette C6 comes with new brakes, BAER or Brembo, and a new exhaust system with revised headers, mufflers and tips.

INNOTECH Corvette C6 may delivers 500 hp ??? 560 hp for the naturally aspirated engine. While for the supercharged or twin-turbocharged power plant, INNOTECH Corvette C6 may outputs 600 hp ??? 1000 hp.

Press Release

INNOTECH’s Corvette lineup, starting in January 2009 with modified C6 Corvette coupe and convertible (based on 2005-2009 models), is for sports car enthusiasts seeking exotic body styling combined with great performance. INNOTECH Corvettes offer the best mix of unique styling, exiting performance and great value for money.

Styling: Compared to a stock C6 Corvette Coupe or Convertible, INNOTECH??s approach results in a more distinctive looking, sporting, and elegant body design, evoking an Italian lineage. INNOTECH Corvette features a new front and rear fascia which set it appart from competition. Combined with new INNOTECH rear window side louvres, the styling of the car stands out of the crowd.

There is a choice of stock or louvered hood, with other distinctive body parts coming in 2009. A wide body kit will also be available for C6 Coupe and Convertible. All new INNOTECH body parts are made in fiberglass or carbon fiber.

Corvette interior upgrades include fine Italian or English leather and optional carbon fiber seats with leather upholstery.

INNOTECH Corvette styling packages can be combined with various performance upgrades (from mild to wild).

Brakes: BAER or Brembo 14????(355mm) or 15????(380mm) ventilated, drilled and slotted rotors, 4 or 6 piston calipers.

Wheels: forged aluminum 9×19???? front and 12×20????rear, HRE or Forgeline (also with optional center lock hub), offered in several wheel designs. Dymag carbon-magnesium wheels option.

Exhaust systems: modified headers, mufflers and tips for better flow, sound and appearance.

Engines and transmissions:

Corvette engines : LS2 (6.0L) or LS3 (6.2L), performance modified to 500 hp ??? 560 hp if naturally aspirated, or 600 hp ??? 1000 hp supercharged or twin-turbocharged. The engines are mated with Corvette 6-speed manual or automatic transmissions.


INNOTECH Corvette C6 Coupe (e.g. naturally aspirated 560 hp LS3 engine) with approx. 1400 kg curb weight has one of the best power/weight ratios available. Supercharged and turbocharged versions give extreme, but streetable supercar performance.

Several distinctive INNOTECH Corvette Packages and Limited Editions, both performance and luxury oriented, will be offered to discriminating buyers in 2009.

During 2009 we will create an exiting INNOTECH C6 Speedster, as well as customized INNOTECH C6 Z06 and ZR1 versions (the above mentioned INNOTECH rear fascia and rear window side louvres already fit Z06 and ZR1 models). ??? With five distinctive bodies for the sixth generation Corvette, combined with many performance upgrades, INNOTECH will offer more attractive Corvette choices than anyone.



Corvette C6 Upgrade Package by INNOTECH
Corvette C6 Upgrade Package by INNOTECH
Corvette C6 Upgrade Package by INNOTECH
Corvette C6 Upgrade Package by INNOTECH

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