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Lancia Delta Hardblack

 Lancia Delta Hardblack which will be premiered in Geneva Motor Show, will showcase a new 1.8 liter Di TurboJet engine from the company.

Lancia Delta Hardblack is able to get from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.4 seconds acceleration time and can reach its top speed at 230 km/h while outputs 200 hp.

With a fuel consumption up to 7.8 l/100km in a combined cycle, Lancia Delta Hardblack also has a 185 g/km CO2 emissions level.

Lancia Delta Hardblack comes with a choice between three driving modes: Normal, Winter, and Sport for its 6-speed automatic transmission. However, Lancia Delta Hardblack can also be driven in the manual mode with steering wheel controls.

Press Release

Lancia Delta is the ideal answer to the three fundamental and often opposing demands of the modern customer: it offers the space of a big sedan but the length of a compact; the power of a sports car, but with ecologically friendly emission levels and economic consumption; top of the range equipment, but at a ???realistic?? price. Lancia Delta therefore meets the needs of today’s prestige customers by ???downsizing??, in other words providing superior performance and luxury with low cost, size and consumption. In this context we have the debut of the new ???direct gasoline injection?? engine: the powerful 1.8 liter Di TurboJet engine producing 200 HP (Euro 5). Coupled with an advanced 6-speed automatic transmission, the innovative engine confirms the commitment of Lancia Automobiles in the field of environmental compliance in terms of containing emissions and reducing consumption. All of which further enhances the sparkle, flexibility and driving pleasure which have always been the hallmark the make.

Produced by FPT ??? Fiat Powertrain Technologies, the new engine delivers a maximum output of 200 HP (147 kw) at 5000 rpm and maximum torque of 320 Nm (32.6 Kgm) at 2000 rpm. Combined with a 6-speed automatic/sequential transmission, the new 1.8 liter 200 HP Di TurboJet engine provides unmatched excitement and driving pleasure. As shown by the performance values - maximum speed of 230 km/h and acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.4 seconds. And, despite this exciting performance, the consumption and emissions of the Lancia Delta fitted with this engine are low: respectively 7.8 l/100km in the combined cycle and CO2 emissions of 185 g/km. The new engine is Euro 5 compliant.

To provide high power, remarkable flexibility and sparkling output, the new engine introduces direct gasoline injection and turbocharging using continuous dual VVT (variable valve timing) on both the inlet and exhaust side. The combination of these different technological solutions offers customers significant advantages. For instance, direct injection gives low fuel consumption in relation to the power produced by the engine. And the turbocharger linked to the dual VVT allows rapid response, due to a particularly favorable torque curve.

It should be emphasized that combination with a 6-speed automatic transmission further enhances the characteristics of flexibility and speed of response, giving the Lancia Delta 1.8 liter 200 HP Di TurboJet engine an exceptionally smooth ride to suit customer preferences and the choice of comfort or sports driving. In particular, the system is distinguished by a compact and light transmission, which is designed with particular attention to reducing consumption: the use of low friction oil gives increased efficiency, and the 6th gear is designed to be particularly useful for motorway driving. The precise management software recognizes varying road conditions and adjusts drivability by means of braking assist, recognition of gradients and bends, preference for sports or comfort driving. Driving pleasure is further enhanced by the possibility of choosing ???Winter,?? ???Normal?? and ???Sport?? programs automatically, in addition to manual mode (TIP) with steering wheel controls which further illustrate the sporting character of this car.



Lancia Delta Hardblack

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