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Sportec RS700 Audi RS6

 Sportec RS700 Audi RS6 which powered by a modified 5.0 liter V10 Biturbo engine has been unveiled in Geneva Motor Show.

Sportec RS700 Audi RS6 may outputs 700 hp and 800 Nm of torque and reach its top speed that electronically limited at 310 km/h. With the engine, Sportec RS700 Audi RS6 gets from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.0 seconds and to 200 km/h in 12.0 seconds acceleration time.

Comes with a 30 millimeters lowered ride height, Sportec RS700 Audi RS6 also features a new high-performance exhaust system, a re-programmed ECU, a carbon fiber front spoiler lip, and also rear diffuser.

Press Release

Not only the wishes of Porsche Drivers are fulfilled at Sportec from Hori - also Audi Driver can help themselves out of the program of the this noble high-tech forge.

Sportec offers from now on a complete refining program for Audi RS6.

The main point consists in the increased performance of the 5.0 liter V10 Biturbo aggregate. For that purpose the Swiss specialists exchange the original catalysts by high-performance catalysts with higher flow rate.

As an option the originally installed exhaust system can be substituted by a Sportec high-performance exhaust system with four ??76mm tail pipes and sportive sound. Hereafter the new components of the vehicle are tuned in the Sportec 4-wheel test rig. In combination with the new programming of the engine control unit the RS6 reaches a maximum output of more than 700 HP.

The torque increases up to fulminate 800 NM. As a result the 4-wheel limousine sprints to tempo 100 in 4.0 seconds, 200 km/h are achieved after only 12.0 seconds and then reaches the electronically regulated maximum speed of more than 310 km/h. In order to keep so much power safely on the ground, Sportec offers a lowering set which lowers the body by 30 millimeters perfectly harmonized with the electronic chassis. This breathtaking demonstration of engine force is transferred to the 265/30 tires which are mounted on special light 22 inches Sportec Mono/10 rims. Beside this, the design of the Mono/10 lets the RS6 appear even more sporty ??? and gives to the overall optics of the limousine more easiness which is complemented by the Carbon front spoiler lip and the Carbon rear diffuser.

Sportec impresses with noble aluminum accessories for the interior. This is accented in form of aluminum pedal sets and aluminum footrests.



Sportec RS700 Audi RS6
Sportec RS700 Audi RS6

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