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Mazda2 Skins

 Mazda2 Skins personalization program has been announced by Mazda Canada. Various vinyl decals for the exterior of the car is included with three different sizes: small, medium and large. With seven different colors available, user may be able to customize their car’s exterior to match the suitable skin for their car.

Mazda2 Skins program also included with a performance-inspired theme called Speed, and three music-based themes (Pop, Rock, and Urban).

Mazda2 Skins specific design was developed by eight young men and women from different departments of Mazda which aimed at the younger buyer who wants personalization, self-expression, and value individuality.

Mazda2 Skins price will vary as it comes with different size and ranges. The price will starts from 375 USD to 595 USD, while the installation cost do not included.

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In a move towards personalization, Mazda Canada is offering something unique when it comes to car accessories for the Mazda2: vinyl decal “Skins” that are applied to the outside of the car. As the new entry point into Mazda’s line-up, the all-new 2011 Mazda2 will appeal to a younger generation of drivers who value individuality and self-expression, especially when it comes to their vehicles. For that reason, Mazda Canada assembled a youth marketing committee made up of eight young men and women from different departments within the company, who fit the Generation-Y demographic. They were charged with coming up with launch ideas for the Mazda2, as the economical and sporty subcompact has strong appeal to Canadians in their twenties and early thirties.

One of the youth committee???s ideas was the Mazda Skins program. Exclusive to the Canadian market, the Skins program offers Mazda2 owners the ability to add their personal style to their car by applying a unique vinyl decal ???Skin??? design. Owners can choose from one of four themes: three music-based themes (Rock, Pop and Urban) and one performance-inspired theme (Speed). Each Skins design comes in three different sizes (small, medium and large) and seven different colors to match the body colors of the Mazda2, for a total of 84 different decal variations! Depending on the size, the cost is $375, $455 or $595 plus installation.

???Today???s young people are all about standing out from the crowd, and expressing their own style and taste,?? says David Klan, Senior Director of Marketing and Sales at Mazda Canada Inc. ???Demonstrating their ???personal brand??? is important, and we are offering them a unique new means of self-expression with both our Skins program as well as our Mazda2 Yozora special edition.??

Mazda2 owners will be able to choose their Skin theme, colour and size at Application happens at the dealership and takes approximately an hour, depending on the size. The Skins are made from high-quality 3M automotive vinyl, are safe on the vehicle???s paint and are included in the vehicle???s 3-year, 80,000 km warranty.

Originally launched in 2007, the Mazda2 was first introduced in Europe, Japan and Australia. Since then, it has been highly acclaimed throughout the world, winning 48 automotive awards, including ???Car of the Year?? accolades in many markets and, most notably, the ???2008 World Car of the Year.?? Total global sales of the Mazda2 have surpassed 400,000 units in the three years since its introduction. The all-new 2011 Mazda2 is in Canadian dealerships now.



Mazda2 Skins
Mazda2 Skins
Mazda2 Skins
Mazda2 Skins

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