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Hyundai Sonata Transform


The Hyundai Sonata, Korea’s perennial best-selling sedan, has received an overhaul mid-cycle, thereby strengthening its leading position in the domestic market. The design team has taken care not to alter the success of similar to that of the bumper, headlights and grille have been very subtle retouching of the car to give a greater dynamism, tauter position. Alloy wheels, and new revisions to the size of molding, rear bumper and rear combination lamps harmonize perfectly with the new facade.

But perhaps the most significant change is under the hood as Transform Sonata is the first model for the second generation Theta engine. The Theta II provides more power and rapid acceleration, but not at the expense of fuel economy. Indeed, improved engines boast mileage and lower emissions.

The performances were achieved through the addition of a variable induction system to improve breathing engine and variable valve timing for both the exhaust system and admission of ports. Automatic transmissions have a further reduction valve solenoid valve and to facilitate the reorientation of quality while the manual transmissions were refined to slicker, easier quarters.

On the security front, Sonata Transforming frontal collision performance has been further improved by refining the design of the engine box.

Export Sales

But the most pleasant surprise of all changes are to be found inside the cabin where the designers have completely redesigned the cockpit to create the atmosphere of an upscale, premium sedan with a any new plate crash, the center console and new door linings.

Music lovers will host Sonata Transforming the inclusion of ancillary made for hosting the ports audio devices such as i Pods and USB keys. Among other improvements are the addition of dual-zone climate controls for driver and front seat passenger and high-low switches for the two heated front seats. A new group ionizer system helps keep the cabin cool Alpine smell balancing the level of anions and cations, which inhibits the growth of mold.

Although now on sale in Korea, export versions of the Sonata Transform not start shipping until early next year. Specifications of the export models may vary slightly from inside the Korean version.



Hyundai Sonata Transform
Hyundai Sonata Transform
Hyundai Sonata Transform

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