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Cirbin V13R Sports Vehicle


The Cirbin V13R is a three wheeled sports vehicle from Canada based on Cirbin’s company. The Cirbin V13R is powered by a 1250cc, V-twin, Harley-Davidson engine connected to a 5-speed sequential transmission. With that specification, the engine of Cirbin V13R develops 125 horsepower and 84 ft-lbs of torque @ 6000 rpm.

The design of the Cirbin V13R is intended to be reminiscent of the Hotrod era, while also incorporating modern styling details. The fiberglass body of the V13R is laid over a tubular steel chassis with triangulated side walls a front crash zone and twin rollover bars. The chassis comes as standard in a black finish, with chrome plating as an option.

The suspension system of the Cirbin V13R has been selected to match the chassis. The two front shocks are coil over progressive springs. They are adjustable in both compression preload and rebound damping. The shock dimensions are standard motorcycle sizes, so buyers can personalize their suspension setup. The single rear shock is a fully adjustable motorcycle monoshock that can support 4″ of wheel travel without compromise. Fully customizable, this rear suspension setup offers maximum flexibility while allowing a sporty ride.

Inside the Cirbin V13R’s cockpit the side-by-side seating is roomy enough for two average-size adults. A grab bar helps during entry and exit. The V13R also features adjustable seats including headrests and adjustable pedal positions. For the instrument panel the V13R uses the Harley-Davidson V-ROD’s electronic Instrument Cluster. This is positioned in the center of the dashboard and tilted slightly toward the driver.

Under the front section of the V13R is the cargo compartment. The waterproof cargo space is large enough to carry personal items for a weekend away. If more cargo space is required optional color-matched side cases can be fitted.



Cirbin V13R Sports Vehicle
Cirbin V13R Sports Vehicle
Cirbin V13R Sports Vehicle
Cirbin V13R Sports Vehicle
Cirbin V13R Sports Vehicle
Cirbin V13R Sports Vehicle

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