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Bugatti Veyron Extended Warranty


Bugatti announced that it has introduced an extended warranty cover. The Bugatti Veyron extended warranty is extended to three and four years.

The Bugatti Veyron extended warranty covers every eventuality up to four years after the vehicles original delivery. The optional warranty for the Bugatti Veyron guarantees the mechanical and electrical components, the body- and paintwork, including a guarantee against rust throughout the entire vehicle.

The built-in telemetric system of the Bugatti Veyron can be used to provide early warning of any possible malfunction within the cars equipment. In the event of a failure, the warranty also provides for the delivery of replacement parts anywhere in the world.

In case your Veyron brakes down Bugatti S.A.S. will make you reach your destination. The warranty provides immediate breakdown service, plus towing free of charge if the car cannot be repaired on the spot. If they have to tow your car the Bugatti Veyron extended warranty also assures they will provide you with a replacement car of Audi A8 standards.

The Bugatti Veyron extended warranty will provide an anti-inconvenience check that can be used to cover any expenses resulting from a breakdown, such as hotel accommodation or travel tickets, without any need to produce receipts.

To enforce this warranty Bugatti has set up a special help line that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week where all calls are managed personally by a member of the Bugatti customer service.

The Bugatti extended warranty applies to a specific car and is transferable to the new owner Bugatti Veyron Extended Warranty in the event of the car being sold. For further details please contact your Bugatti dealer.



Bugatti Veyron Extended Warranty

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